Phoenix Arizona, Portraits

Nearly every winter my partner and I take a road trip to Arizona to spend the holidays with our nieces and nephew. I’ve been photographing them for years, it’s so wonderful watching them grow into adulthood. This year I left the DSLR at home and relied on the Fuji system. The more I shoot with this camera, the more I love it.

tc_arizona_portrait_1 tc_arizona_portrait_3 tc_arizona_portrait_5 tc_arizona_portraits_4 Tristan_crane_arizona_p2


Point Reyes Wedding Flashback – Liz and Nathaniel

As the days grow shorter, and booking begins in earnest for next years wedding season, I’m feeling nostalgic for these bright summer days filled with flowers and sunshine. Full set of images from Liz and Nathaniel’s beautiful Pt. Reyes wedding can be viewed here.

Planning a wedding or commitment ceremony? I’m currently accepting booking for 2012, contact me for my rate sheet or to request a wedding package consultation.

Pi Day

Today is Pi day! While this is numerically irrational, and the cause of much celebration across the internet, I like to take time on this date to celebrate the presence of an aptly-named member of our family.

Pi Cat was adopted just over two years ago, a scrawny but vocal kitten from the San Francisco SPCA. She immediately came down with a bad case of ringworm – while insisting on sleeping near my pillow. Despite her best efforts, neither of us were infected. Pi’s overcome her health issues and grown into a solid lump of cat with a… unique personality. She keeps David company during late-night coding sessions, refuses to cuddle with me unless we’re both underneath her favorite blanket, and recently adjusted to the arrival of an annoying little sister.

Pi, we love you, grumpy cat. You’re our favorite greeter of guests, investigator of boxes, and lover of smelly shoes.

If you’re interested in Pi as a number, here’s a very cool link which displays Pi to one million places.

Family Photos, Shine, Amy, Miles, and Della (in the belly)

I’ve worked with Shine on and off for several years on video projects of hers. Recently I got to meet her lovely wife, Amy, and Miles, their son. We spent some time on a sunny saturday getting some pregnant belly photos of Amy and documenting Miles’s adorable chubby cheeks.






Photographing children can be a bit of a challenge. I like to hang out for as long as possible to let shy kids warm up to me and get used to being photographed. Miles isn’t shy, but he was a little insecure in front of the camera – just for the first half hour or so.



Check out those cheeks! He’s adorable.