Avren and Digby’s Rock and Roll Wedding at The Chapel, San Francisco

This wedding was truly epic!

I was really excited when Avren and Digby contacted me with details of their plans for a masquerade-theme wedding to celebrate their partnership. Avren made most of the decorations, and their choice of venue was ideal for the size and type of party they wanted to throw. The Chapel handled the catering, incredible lighting design, custom cocktail, and were extremely easy and fun to work with.

Avren’s makeup by the fantastic Evan at Oui Three Queens Productions, and their suit is by Jake Clothing. Crown by Chelsea’s Flower Crowns. Wedding was officiated by (another) Evan, of Buddhistweddings.

Catering was done in house by The Chapel, pies were from Niles Pie Company, Dj Fox kept folks on the dance floor all night and he was accompanied by Paul Oliphant on the drum kit.

Many more pics below..

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Wasteland Weekend!


Wasteland Weekend is a four day long apocalyptic theme, Mad Max style campout and festival. This was our first year attending and it won’t be the last. I love desert camping.

My goal wasn’t to spend too much of my time doing photography, but I couldn’t resist once I arrived and was glad I brought the Fuji X-T20. All these images were shot with the 18-55 and 35mm 1.4.  I was extra charmed that someone camping near us got married out in the desert complete with a stylish vehicle to take them to and from the ceremony location.

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TcPhoto_lemons_DSCF7980 TcPhoto_lemons_DSCF7978

2017, what a start. I’ve been doing a lot of rage baking, focusing on personal work and getting a big project off the ground.

More about that soon.

There are more wedding photos coming, but in the meantime, I spent a rainy afternoon preserving lemons. One jar of Meyer lemons from a friend’s dramatically over-productive tree, and one jar of gorgeous organic ones my neighbor dropped off the same day we harvested 20 lbs of Meyers because clearly we needed more lemons. Recipe via the maestro himself, David Lebovitz.


Baby Goats at Harley Farms

It’s been a busy spring, wedding season is starting up and I’ve been spending days out in the garden to get a break from all the computer time.  A few weeks back some friends and I headed down to Pescadero to Harley Goat Farm, a small but gorgeous working dairy that offers tours of their facility and the chance to cuddle their baby goats! They have over 100 babies, they’re so cute everyone was losing their minds, myself included.

Absolutely worth the beautiful drive down, but don’t do what I did and wear nice clothes! (I held a baby goat anyway because BABY GOAT.)

Shot these with the Fuji X Pro1 35mm 1.4 and 14mm 1.2









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Destination: New Deal Distillery




Last year we roadtripped up to Portland to photograph a wedding and made sure to carve out a bit of time to stop into New Deal Distillery for a tasting. Of course, we walked out with half a case of their bottles, including both gins because I couldn’t decide which I liked best. In particular I love their ginger liqueur and the ‘Mud Puddle’ (vodka infused with cacao nibs) is particularly delightful.

All shot with Fuji X-Pro1 and the 18-55mm Zoom


Monarch_0146 Monarch_0147 Monarch_0148 Monarch_0149Milkweed scatters its seeds across my neighborhood; true to the survivor nature of this weed, the plant sprouts in unlikely places.

Cracks in the driveway, on the hell-strip, in overgrown untended areas, as well as in my neighbors orderly garden.

The plant attracts several kinds of aphids and accompanying ladybugs drawn to the feast. And of course, the Monarch butterfly chooses to lay eggs on it as well.

We were fortunate to watch this butterfly emerge last month, a reminder that we all have seasons to grow, seasons to hide inside a cocoon, and seasons to fly.

Ch-ch changes!

Last year wrapped up in a whirlwind of work and an enormous personal change for me – after over 15 years of living in San Francisco, my partner and I were evicted from our home of five years when the new owner jacked up our rent to over six grand a month. Like so many working artists, I had to make a choice to move across the bay to Oakland; a city with a thriving art and restaurant scene, tons of wonderful diversity, and let’s be honest? Much better weather for gardening. I’ve fallen behind on blogging last years weddings, but they’re on the way, along with some wonderful new things on the horizon. As always, thank you to my wonderful clients and friends for their support.