Monterey Wedding – Lisa and Sam’s Hollywood Glamour



Lisa and Sam are two do-it-yourself, creative people who met and fell in love at a Renaissance fair, and their decorations and ceremony reflect their spirit of creativity. Lisa hand-made many of the details while their family and friends spent the day before the ceremony transforming the interior of the Paper Wing Theater in Monterey into a romantic and dramatic dining room, complete with hanging chandeliers and lit by candelabra. Both Sam and Lisa have children from previous relationships, they incorporated their kids into the ceremony and it’s abundantly clear that this is one happy family.

Lisa and Sam’s Monterey Wedding Highlights – Images by Tristan Crane

Monterey with the Fuji XPro1

Crowds of people, jellyfish, sea otters in buckets. The day after I shot a wedding in Pacific Grove, we headed to the aquarium and I tested the low-light capabilities of the Fuji XPro1. Overall I’m pretty happy with the results, and it also gave me the chance to practice manual focus.

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Vendor Recommendations: Moving Portraits Videography

Finding an artistic but professional wedding video team can be tricky, lately a few clients have asked if I shoot video as well. While I do dabble in video, I’d never even consider taking on both photography and video shooting for the same wedding. You need two teams to cover both mediums well, I’d much rather work with videographers who specialize in personal storytelling.

A former co-worker of mine recently announced her newest venture, Moving Portraits. The quality of their work speaks for itself, really.

Ann Larie & Derek: A Moving Portraits Love Story Video (8 min) from Moving Portraits on Vimeo.

For more samples of their work, including a charming ‘Save the Date’ piece, check out their website.

Fujifilm X-Pro1

Plenty of other people and websites have reviewed this camera, but it was Zack Arias’s post about it which pushed me over the edge on making the purchase. I’ve been looking for a good travel/backpacking/street photography camera for a while. Much as I love the 5d Mk 2 and 3, carrying around that and a couple of lenses can be hell on your back after a while. I needed something I can throw into a bag to carry around, and I wanted a less intimidating camera for photographing people on the street.

So, I’ve been shooting with the X-Pro1 for a month or so now, and my love affair with this camera has only begun. Fuji recently announced their upcoming lens roadmap and the future looks bright. Currently I only have the 35mm 1.4 lens, but am already planning to expand my kit for this camera and plan to start using it at weddings.

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