Somber Days


I used to be more of a writer, thankfully (for my audience) that ended. These days I keep a running ‘to do’ list and rely on photography to remind me of what’s happening in life. This is one I shot last week from my office window.

The scope of these fires burning in California at the moment has been so huge that I feel the need to take a moment to pause in respect for everyone affected by this situation. My brother and his family live in Santa Rosa, and have come to stay with us in Oakland for a few weeks. My parents had to evacuate my 92 year old Grandfather from his care home. We’re the fortunate ones. So many people have lost everything, including their lives, in this fire. ‘Heartbreaking’ doesn’t even begin to describe.

Yesterday was also the anniversary of the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, and another reminder of how quickly things can change. I grew up in Stockton, in the Central Valley area of California and we felt that quake all the way out there. It was terrifying, and so was watching the news footage of how it impacted the Bay Area. This is to say.. Everyone should have an emergency kit. Food. Water. There is a wealth of information on this online, as well as places to purchase fully stocked kits. Much of what is in ours I was able to find via, which made it much easier to make sure we are well supplied if when the inevitable occurs.

Thank you for taking this little pause with me, it just didn’t feel right to continue the stream of joyful wedding photos when so many people are still evacuated and uncertain about the future.