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Rachel and Joe’s Annapolis Wedding

What an epic day! I’ve known Joseph for over fourteen years – we met just before I moved to San Francisco, he’s since moved to Prague, and then to Amsterdam with his lovely wife, Rachel. This was actually their third wedding – they had a catholic ceremony in the UK, and a smaller ceremony in Amsterdam. That’s one way to get a lot of use out of a wedding dress! I’m honored they chose me as their photographer for the stateside ceremony, and I’m so happy for both of them.

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Star St. Germain in Alamo Square

I know, I keep doing these shoots in the same park. But the light, it’s been so perfect! The weather, so lovely!

As previewed earlier, Star is an exceptional artist, a delight to photograph, and even more charming in person than any lens can capture. Although it certainly won’t keep us photographers from making the attempt.

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Accordion Calendar Shoot

Cindy Emch, who kindly posed for a tattoo story just a short time back, asked if I’d be interested in photographing her for a submission for the 2012 Accordion Babes Calendar. Absolutely!

These are a few of the photos we liked but which didn’t make the final cut to submit.

Star St.Germain

I’m off to shoot a wedding among the beautiful redwoods of Mendocino this weekend, but I’ll leave you with a teaser of a portrait set I shot with insanely talented artist Star. I’ve been a big fan of Star’s artwork and design for a long time, she’s recently begun producing music as well with her band ‘This Can’t End Well’. Check out their latest music video, directed by another photographer/video producer acquaintance, Chad Michael Ward. (His site may not be safe for work!)

Why Not? Putting A Holga Lens On A DSLR

A few months back I was catching up on and came upon this post about putting a low-fi plastic camera ‘lens’ on a digital camera. I’ve used a Holga for years as a fun carry around medium format camera, although due to costs and lack of time to spend in the darkroom, digital has become my go-to solution. It has occurred to me to hack up a way to attach the Holga lens to my camera, but I’m not terribly handy with these kinds of things. I love the look of the soft focus and natural vignette you get, as well as the uncertain results.

Recently, David and I took a hike around the Pt. Reyes area, and I brought along my trusty old Canon 20D loaded up with this Holga lens to play around with. The results are not displeasing! Not sure I’d ever use this on a gig, but it’s kind of fun to recharge my creative batteries by not thinking about f-stop or perfect focus.

One of the most photographed bridges in the world, apparently.

Ice plants along the coast, in bloom.

The hills are filled with naturalized Iris flowers. It’s astoundingly beautiful.

Holga lenses are available for both Canon and Nikon cameras, available for a mere $25 from HolgaDirect. Pick one up! I’m having a lot of fun with mine.