Portrait – Jamaica Dyer

Jamaica Dyer is an insanely talented artist and a good friend. I’ve known her for years from the San Francisco Indie comics scene, it’s been terrific seeing her receive well-deserved recognition for her work. She’s been at Alternative Press Expo, Zine Fest, done workshops at the Cartoon Art Museum, and recent hung a show at Isotope Comics. No wonder I haven’t seen her in person in a while, this girl is insanely busy. Here’s a few shots I got of her at a show she had up at Mission Comics.


Heading off to the Uk…

We’re flying out today for ten days in the Uk!  The start of the trip is for work, the end will be a bit of much needed vacation. We’ll be in Cambridge, London, and wherever else we decide to investigate.  Usually our trips are over scheduled, so this time we decided to take it easy and see how we feel when we get there.

Photos from our last trip across the pond are here on flickr. It’s really hard to believe it was in 2007!


Family Photos, Shine, Amy, Miles, and Della (in the belly)

I’ve worked with Shine on and off for several years on video projects of hers. Recently I got to meet her lovely wife, Amy, and Miles, their son. We spent some time on a sunny saturday getting some pregnant belly photos of Amy and documenting Miles’s adorable chubby cheeks.






Photographing children can be a bit of a challenge. I like to hang out for as long as possible to let shy kids warm up to me and get used to being photographed. Miles isn’t shy, but he was a little insecure in front of the camera – just for the first half hour or so.



Check out those cheeks! He’s adorable.