Jamaica Dyer In Alamo Square Park

Sometimes everything just comes together, the weather, the location, and the model. This started out a simple headshot session but we decided to push it further and headed into the park to enjoy the perfect spring day. Believe it or not, this whole shoot only took about an hour.

Jamaica’s an extremely talented artist, and a longtime friend. We’ve begun collaborating on a super secret project, more about that as it develops.

Portrait – Jamaica Dyer

Jamaica Dyer is an insanely talented artist and a good friend. I’ve known her for years from the San Francisco Indie comics scene, it’s been terrific seeing her receive well-deserved recognition for her work. She’s been at Alternative Press Expo, Zine Fest, done workshops at the Cartoon Art Museum, and recent hung a show at Isotope Comics. No wonder I haven’t seen her in person in a while, this girl is insanely busy. Here’s a few shots I got of her at a show she had up at Mission Comics.