A Winter Solstice Commitment Ceremony…

My partner and I hosted our close family to witness our commitment ceremony yesterday.







































I feel so very lucky to get to spend my life with this adorable guy.

Tons of photos were taken by a good friend, the ring shots are by me. It was a lot of fun to photograph the details of my own wedding!

Our flowers were by Studio Choo, rings by Sarah Graham

The Teal Cat Project

This holiday season I’m focusing a lot less on buying people STUFF and more on supporting small local businesses, making gifts for people, and giving donations to non-profit groups. When I saw a link to the Teal Cat Project on Door Sixteen’s twitter, I knew this was perfect gift for a good friend whom we jokingly call ‘The Cat Pusher’.¬† Friendly teasing aside, we wouldn’t have Paloma were it not for her efforts at saving the lives of kittens in kill shelters, plus she’s also a heck of a great pet sitter.

The Teal Cat Project donates money to non-profit groups helping cats, donors are rewarded with one of these adorable teal kitty tchotchkes. (They also have shirts if you aren’t interested in a statue). My order arrived yesterday, and I shot a few photos of Paloma hanging out with it before adding it to the small stack of ‘stuff to be wrapped’ slowly accumulating on the dining room table. Sigh.