The Teal Cat Project

This holiday season I’m focusing a lot less on buying people STUFF and more on supporting small local businesses, making gifts for people, and giving donations to non-profit groups. When I saw a link to the Teal Cat Project on Door Sixteen’s twitter, I knew this was perfect gift for a good friend whom we jokingly call ‘The Cat Pusher’.¬† Friendly teasing aside, we wouldn’t have Paloma were it not for her efforts at saving the lives of kittens in kill shelters, plus she’s also a heck of a great pet sitter.

The Teal Cat Project donates money to non-profit groups helping cats, donors are rewarded with one of these adorable teal kitty tchotchkes. (They also have shirts if you aren’t interested in a statue). My order arrived yesterday, and I shot a few photos of Paloma hanging out with it before adding it to the small stack of ‘stuff to be wrapped’ slowly accumulating on the dining room table. Sigh.




Pi Day

Today is Pi day! While this is numerically irrational, and the cause of much celebration across the internet, I like to take time on this date to celebrate the presence of an aptly-named member of our family.

Pi Cat was adopted just over two years ago, a scrawny but vocal kitten from the San Francisco SPCA. She immediately came down with a bad case of ringworm – while insisting on sleeping near my pillow. Despite her best efforts, neither of us were infected. Pi’s overcome her health issues and grown into a solid lump of cat with a… unique personality. She keeps David company during late-night coding sessions, refuses to cuddle with me unless we’re both underneath her favorite blanket, and recently adjusted to the arrival of an annoying little sister.

Pi, we love you, grumpy cat. You’re our favorite greeter of guests, investigator of boxes, and lover of smelly shoes.

If you’re interested in Pi as a number, here’s a very cool link which displays Pi to one million places.

Rainy Ray Activities

A friend of mine just gave me this camera and I’m unreasonably excited. It belonged to his grandfather and was just gathering dust – such a shame. My first camera ever was my father’s old Canon AE-1, which tragically went missing during one of my many apartment moves of the last fourteen years. It’s astounding to think that I’ve lived in San Francisco that long, and moved over eleven times…

I’ll be test driving this thing out over the next week, but I’m not too worried. These old cameras are built like tanks. Can’t wait to use this on some upcoming gigs, including a wedding in a few months.

Issac, if you’re reading this, you’re one heck of a good friend!

So much for warmer weather. It’s been gross, cold and rainy the last few days. Good to know we still have time to sneak off to Tahoe sometime this season, but we’re having all kinds of motivational…. issues today. Ok, it’s just me who’s having issues. David has been very productive.

Pi Cat ponders the need for another nap.

We thought that ordering the new sofas in grey would cut down on the cat hair issues.

Boy, were we ever wrong about that.

Sad droopy tulip. Exhibit A – why all photographers need a live-in stylist.