San Francisco Bride Portraits – Sutro Park

Spring has sprung big time in the bay area! We’ve been having torrential rain followed by days filled with enormous clouds flying across the blue sky. This is my favorite time of year, watching living things emerge from their winter sleep and I’ve been celebrating by spending as much time out in the garden as I can grab and shooting some new bridal portraits for my portfolio.

Many more below the cut, including this model’s adorable puppy, who loves to have her own photo taken. I love it when people bring their dogs on shoot.
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San Francisco Portrait Photography – Andrew Mayer

Andrew Mayer is both a talented author and very dapper fellow! I realized I have very few photos of men on the blog – and in fact, I’ve noticed that few photography tutorials or gear demos use male models. It’s frequently a male photographer shooting a female model… which is pretty odd considering how many super talented women photographers there are out there!

So male models (or would-be models), get in touch!

Gear – Shot with the Canon EOS 5D Mark II Digital Camera and Canon Wide Angle-Telephoto EF 24-105mm f/4L Lens in natural light.

Calypso bulbosa – California Native Orchid

Mental note – carry macro filters whenever I take hikes! We were up near Ukiah in an old growth redwood grove and stumbled upon a patch of these incredible slipper orchids. A friend at the Sf Orchid Society helped identify them as Calypso bulbosa, and these are the first native orchids I’ve seen so far this year.