San Francisco Nightclub Photography – Art Church

I don’t often shoot at clubs, but a friend of mine is getting a new project off the ground. Art Church is a monthly club of music with live models – the idea being that people will bring their sketchbooks and pencils to do life drawing before hitting the dance floor. It’s a fun idea, and will be happening monthly at Cat Club.

Couple more beneath the jump, including one model with an unusual color feature in one eye!

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San Francisco Maternity – Sasha, Nate, and (forthcoming) Shannon

Babies, Babies, Babies! A ton of my friends are having children this year, I suppose I’ve finally reached that age where we’re all settling down and starting families. This means I get to hang out with kids, get spit up on, cried at, and bounce them to sleep. And, of course, take some photos…


Baby Shannan arrived yesterday, and I can’t wait to meet her as soon as I shake this awful head cold!

Full set of images from this session and the baby shower are here.

One photo from their shower as well, because they had the single best baby shower cake I’ve ever seen in my life, by SfBAYkes. Yes. That is an alien. Popping out of a stomach. Epic cake win.


San Francisco Product Photography – Millinery By The Indra

I absolutely love hats, and I was super excited when Indra approached me to do some product photos of her spring line. It’s been wonderful to watch the resurgence of high-end millinery as a fashion trend. We’re particularly blessed here in SF to have a number of fantastic local designers and shops selling top quality hats in a wide range of styles, Indra’s one of them. Check out her website at TheIndra, she hand-crafts wonderful, sculptural hats well suited for costuming, bridal, or that fancy afternoon tea party in the park.

Check below the cut for some more stunning hats by Indra…

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