San Francisco Family Portrait Session in Golden Gate Park



This child is a cherub. It’s the only possible explanation for those curls, those eyes, and that solid, adorable little body of hers. Paired with a personable and curious personality, this is one kid who keeps her parents on their toes.




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Kodak portra around San Francisco


I still shoot film, although not nearly as often as I should. Like so many of my photographer friends, I have an entire shelf of my refrigerator dedicated to my collection of film stock. On those weeks when I’m spending more time answering emails and phone calls than shooting, or when the thrilling prospect of taxes is rearing its head; that’s when I feel the urge to pick up one of my manual cameras and go for a walk. I accumulate mystery rolls of film, and don’t get down to Photoworks very often to drop off the results for processing. But when I do, it’s always a delight to see the results.




All images shot in San Francisco on Kodak Portra (don’t recall the ISO, probably 400), with a Canon AE-1 50mm 1.4.

Processing and scanning by Photoworks SF