San Francisco Family Portrait Session in Golden Gate Park



This child is a cherub. It’s the only possible explanation for those curls, those eyes, and that solid, adorable little body of hers. Paired with a personable and curious personality, this is one kid who keeps her parents on their toes.




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Accordion Calendar Shoot

Cindy Emch, who kindly posed for a tattoo story just a short time back, asked if I’d be interested in photographing her for a submission for the 2012 Accordion Babes Calendar. Absolutely!

These are a few of the photos we liked but which didn’t make the final cut to submit.

Bride Portraits in Golden Gate Park


These photos speak for themselves really… My friend AK is an incredible model and actress, who mentioned she had a wedding dress hanging around the house. I suggested a shoot, and we chose an absolutely perfect day in the park to go and have some fun. Our original idea was for her to be holding a sign – ‘Groom Wanted’, but after a while we ditched that in favor of just getting some lovely shots.



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