Oakland Maternity photography, golden hour session on the shores of Lake Merritt




I’ve been photographing more frequently in Oakland these days, and have to admit, the weather’s pretty nice over on that side of the bay!




A few more below the cut from Lauren and Dahled’s maternity session. I’m looking forward to meeting their beautiful new family member once they arrive!

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San Francisco Maternity – Sasha, Nate, and (forthcoming) Shannon

Babies, Babies, Babies! A ton of my friends are having children this year, I suppose I’ve finally reached that age where we’re all settling down and starting families. This means I get to hang out with kids, get spit up on, cried at, and bounce them to sleep. And, of course, take some photos…


Baby Shannan arrived yesterday, and I can’t wait to meet her as soon as I shake this awful head cold!

Full set of images from this session and the baby shower are here.

One photo from their shower as well, because they had the single best baby shower cake I’ve ever seen in my life, by SfBAYkes. Yes. That is an alien. Popping out of a stomach. Epic cake win.


Maternity Shoot, Kelly and Greg

It’s always both a pleasure and extra nerve-wracking to work with friends, but Kelly and Greg were kind enough to trust me with both their wedding photographs and a maternity session. I can’t wait to meet the new member of their family! Apparently he’s been kicking up a storm and will be arriving in just a few short weeks. We started the shoot in Golden Gate park, on a day that turned out to be colder than expected, and after an hour we moved indoors. Both Kelly and Greg are super talented musicians (a skill I lack utterly despite my great appreciation of music), so we shot a whole set of images in their downstairs practice room.

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