Production Team Headshot Photographer

I was contacted recently by a former co-worker, Justin Barker, who’s been freelancing as a director and is starting up his own production company. Justin’s a multi-talented producer with solid experience ranging from pre-production planning, direction, and in the field shooting. I’ve worked with him in the past on video projects and he’s someone I absolutely recommend to companies looking for a video production team. He’s preparing the launch of a new website, and he hired me to come on set and shoot head shots of the crew and some environmental coverage of them working.

I’m a big believer that head shots are both extremely important to have, but can be dull as dishwater if you aren’t careful. We used video lights for these and I included a bit of the background of the set on purpose to lend some context to the shots.

Check out a few more from on set and in the field below the cut –
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Point Reyes Wedding Photographer, Liz and Nathaniel

The photos from this day really speak for themselves. A beautiful couple deeply in love, perfect weather, a ceremony surrounded by flowers and a crowd of friends and family all thrilled to participate in this event.

The wedding site was the Old Point Reyes Schoolhouse, the flowers were by a friend of the family – who did an incredible job. The delicious cake was also home-made by a friend, complete with a gluten-free top tier. The reception was held at the Pt. Reyes Station Cafe.

‘Valencia’ On-Set Photographer

How’s this for a cool project – take an award winning novel by Michelle Tea, break it up by chapter, and have a different director and crew film a short of their chapter – then piece the whole thing back together into a movie?

I spent a day on set with director Courtney Trouble as she brought ‘Valencia Chapter 1’ to life, starring Quinn Valentine as Michelle Tea. Other crew included camera by Moira Morel and sound by Krystle. We shot on-location at the El Rio bar on Mission Street. If you haven’t read Valencia, it’s a hilarious, raunchy, true-to-life take of queer life in San Francisco of the ’90’s. These photos may be safe for work, but the book adults-only in the very best way.

More photos below the cut, drop a line and let me know what you think.
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