‘Valencia’ On-Set Photographer

How’s this for a cool project – take an award winning novel by Michelle Tea, break it up by chapter, and have a different director and crew film a short of their chapter – then piece the whole thing back together into a movie?

I spent a day on set with director Courtney Trouble as she brought ‘Valencia Chapter 1’ to life, starring Quinn Valentine as Michelle Tea. Other crew included camera by Moira Morel and sound by Krystle. We shot on-location at the El Rio bar on Mission Street. If you haven’t read Valencia, it’s a hilarious, raunchy, true-to-life take of queer life in San Francisco of the ’90’s. These photos may be safe for work, but the book adults-only in the very best way.

More photos below the cut, drop a line and let me know what you think.
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