Rachel and Joe’s Annapolis Wedding

What an epic day! I’ve known Joseph for over fourteen years – we met just before I moved to San Francisco, he’s since moved to Prague, and then to Amsterdam with his lovely wife, Rachel. This was actually their third wedding – they had a catholic ceremony in the UK, and a smaller ceremony in Amsterdam. That’s one way to get a lot of use out of a wedding dress! I’m honored they chose me as their photographer for the stateside ceremony, and I’m so happy for both of them.

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The ceremony was held on the coast, it’s hard to go wrong with such an incredible backdrop. Those ominous looking clouds were a thunder and rain storm which began just as the ceremony ended.

We can’t always get this ‘everyone’ shot, but it’s a fun one to try and fit in for a smaller wedding. It began to rain almost immediately after the ceremony, everyone took it in stride and the tent was (mostly) waterproof.

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4 thoughts on “Rachel and Joe’s Annapolis Wedding”

  1. Rachel and Joe,
    I had such a great time at your Annapolis wedding and it is fantastic to look at these amazing pictures and re-live the moments. I won’t ever forget your vows and the ceremony. The pictures of you on the dock look like the Heaven’s were opening up to shine on your magical moments together. Thank you for posting these pictures.
    With love,

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