San Francisco Artist Portrait, Ted Naifeh

I’ve known Ted Naifeh for a long, long time (15+ years! eeek!), and have photographed him many times. We collaborated years ago (10!) on a graphic novel about San Francisco counter-culture, called ‘How Loathsome’. Ted’s become known for writing and illustrating several groundbreaking young-adult graphic novel series including ‘Courtney Crumrin and the Night Things’, ‘Princess Ugg’, and ‘Polly and Pirates’.


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Artist Ted Naifeh, Headshot

Ted Naifeh is one of my oldest San Francisco friends, talented artist of teen-friendly graphic novels  ‘Courtney Crumrin and the Night Things’ and ‘Polly and the Pirates’, and is currently kicking up his heels in France, which makes me very jealous. (But I’m happy for him of course.)

He also draws a mean Batgirl on a scooter, for those us you who are also comic book fans…

Batgirl, by Ted Naifeh


Come To This Event!

This weekend, my friend Star Germain, her band This Can’t End Well, and talented comic book artist Ted Naifeh are teaming up for a live show version of Ted’s wonderful all-ages comic ‘Courtney Crumrin and The Night Things‘.

Oh, and it’s free. So there’s no excuse not to come!

Sun­day Feb­ru­ary 27th
1pm sharp
Pub­lic Works
161 Erie at Mission