Fuji X-Pro1 at Lassen National Forest

LassenFuji_Tristancrane_0083 LassenFuji_Tristancrane_0084LassenFuji_Tristancrane_0085 LassenFuji_Tristancrane_0086

We took a much needed roadtrip up to Lassen National Forest a week or so ago, and spent a day wandering the park. It was a relief to see so much snow, although we’re still way under the amount of water that California needs. I’ve been thinking of expanding my Fuji kit and upgrading the body at some point, although honestly what really makes me excited would be a new lens for this kind of landscape work – the 18 or 14mm would be useful. I also have my eye on the 56mm 1.2 for portrait work, as I’ve been using the Fuji more frequently in the studio as well. The above images were all made with either the 35mm or 18-55mm.