Walker Creek Ranch Wedding, Daed and Erik

 Daed and Erik are a striking couple with terrific style – their wedding was 100% a reflection of their personalities, a weekend long celebration with all of their closest friends at Walker Creek Ranch in California. Their ceremony was held in a fairy-light lit barn, at the reception booze, food, and a lot of music brought everyone out onto the dance floor – especially the kids. The weekend brought one of the biggest storms of an already wet winter, but no one was deterred and this was one of the most heartfelt parties I’ve ever documented.

Rings are by Thorston, and the glittery mini-cupcakes (including vegan and gluten-free options) by Angel Cakes. I sampled.. one or two of them. They were delicious.

More below the cut!

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Urban Decay in Oakland

I finally toured the old 16th Street Train Station in Oakland, and we didn’t even have to hop any fences. This gorgeous old building is now being cared for and one can rent it out for events, including weddings!









More below the cut, the back of the building is covered in some terrific graffiti….

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TcPhoto_lemons_DSCF7980 TcPhoto_lemons_DSCF7978

2017, what a start. I’ve been doing a lot of rage baking, focusing on personal work and getting a big project off the ground.

More about that soon.

There are more wedding photos coming, but in the meantime, I spent a rainy afternoon preserving lemons. One jar of Meyer lemons from a friend’s dramatically over-productive tree, and one jar of gorgeous organic ones my neighbor dropped off the same day we harvested 20 lbs of Meyers because clearly we needed more lemons. Recipe via the maestro himself, David Lebovitz.


Sacramento Goat Farm Wedding


Some friends decided to get married at a goat farm, so I ambushed them with some wedding photos as a gift. Shot entirely with the Fuji x-pro1 (I need to upgrade to the new x-Pro2 one of these days!) 35 and 56mm lenses.







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