Paris – Part One

Paris is beautiful, sprawling, elegant, dirty, busy, loaded with history and covered in graffiti. Everything I like in a city. My french is embarrassingly bad – I felt too ashamed in most instances to attempt to speak it. However, people were very kind and only laughed at us a little while helping us out a lot.

Yup. I’m a tourist.

We took the Eurostar over from the UK, checked into our hotel and then hit the streets in search of a vegetarian restaurant. They do exist in France, promise. We stayed at Mama Shelter, near the Gambetta Metro stop, it’s a terrific hotel and I recommend it highly. Very cool modern interiors (with a black wall!), free Wifi in the rooms, flat screen tv, and high quality complimentary soaps in the bathrooms. The building is made of concrete and our room was the quietest hotel room I’ve ever had. If you’re a light sleeper such as myself, you understand what a blessing this is while traveling.

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