Fuji X-Pro1 Firmware Update

I’m hip-deep in a lot of retouching, and have some fun stuff to share coming up – including a few amazing weddings. I did want to drop a note about the latest firmware update for the X-Pro1. MUCH faster focus and some nice options -faster write to the card, faster delete, just all around improved performance for the camera. My friend Indra was vending at a club event last week, so I had a chance to test it in some really tricky lighting situations and was extremely impressed at the upgrade! Download the new update here.

All images were shot with the 35mm 1.4 lens

Check out the definition in the black areas on this shot. I’m more and more impressed with this camera’s performance in low light situations, as well as the auto white balance. Fuji also just announced an exciting new camera at Photokina – the X-E1, which looks terrific. I might need to get one for my partner so we’ll both have a Fuji and can share lenses!

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  1. lovely image with latest firmware 2 update, can share of your thought and opinion of this firmware ..
    i am in view of X-Pro1 plus 35mm f1.4

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