Geoff and Michael, Clift Hotel San Francisco Wedding

Michael and Geoff

“We like to plan ahead.” Geoff’s email query began with these words, and as they were booking nearly a year in advance, I believed him! Michael and Geoff chose San Francisco for their destination wedding as a ‘halfway point’ for both families gather, Geoff’s parents are based in New Zealand while Michael’s family resides in and around Toronto. They booked the stylish Clift Hotel for their stay and wedding location to host a personal, intimate ceremony and celebration diner for their close friends and families.

Travel, family, and long-term friendship connections are clearly a theme in this couple’s lives – they met in London, and their decorations included a photo wall made entirely of snapshots from their global travels.






Many, many more images below the cut…

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Marriage Equality Celebration in the Castro

24 hours later and this still feels overwhelming. It’s almost hard to believe that this long road is over, that DOMA is put to rest and Prop 8 is officially part of California history. The celebration last night in San Francisco was epic, of course. Most touching to me were the families with children who showed up, as well as the older GLBT people. I’m in my mid-thirties and this is a tremendous victory, but I cannot imagine what it would have been like to been unable to marry my partner for most of our adult lives.

The ACLU has released a pdf of useful information for same-sex couples in California interested in being married, it’s right here.

Can you imagine a world where these two adorable people can’t marry? Me neither.

And yup, that person popped the question to their partner at 18th and Castro st.

A resounding ‘yes’!

More photos below the cut. Congrats to all the newly engaged couples, to the already committed couples who can now benefit from legal protections, to our GLBT soldiers who now have marriage benefits, and to couples separated by geography who can now be together in the United States. We did it, everyone. Love triumphs.

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Latest Prop 8 Ruling – Unconstitutional

The San Francisco 9th Circuit court has ruled today to uphold Judge Walkers decision that Proposition 8 is unconstitutional.

I don’t often post about politics on this blog, my emphasis here is to focus on the images. In this case, however, I feel that marriage equality is a hugely important issue and am astounded that so many people in my home state feel that two adult human beings should be denied that right based on sexual orientation.

Laws have no place in dictating people’s freedom of religion, or their right to marry. We live in a diverse and beautiful world with a wide range of human experience. I will always support the rights of all adult human beings to love whom they love. Marriage for all!