San Francisco Bridal Portraits, Jenny

My friend Catherine Tullner is entirely to blame for this magic, she found and restored this vintage dress for her friend who, coincidentally, was looking for the perfect wedding frock. Not only is she an incredible seamstress, she did Jenny’s hair and makeup!

Catherine says, ‘The dress is a 1930’s bias cut silk crepe vintage number.  I rescued it from an estate sale in Berkeley (where I had gone to buy bird cages for a lighting project!) simply because it looked so sad and forlorn surrounded by the original bride’s lifelong possessions.  They sold it to me for $25 (including a matching jacket that I am also restoring for her) because it was stained and torn.  After a little mending, a few soakings and some scrubbing it was in near-mint condition.  Jenny was over at my house trying on some of my vintage dresses to help her decide what direction to go with her wedding dress and when she put this dress on it looked like it was custom made for her (only 80 years ago?)…not a single alteration was needed (except to remove a silly little floof on the neck that I am using to make hair flowers for her.)  She said it made her feel glamorous but not to bride-y.  Jenny hates shopping and I love restoring vintage and finding good homes for treasured dresses so it was a match made in heaven.’

I’ve had several clients lately mention their goal of finding the perfect dress for a reasonable budget, and here’s proof that it is possible! I also like to think about the woman who owned this dress before, and how wonderful it is that it’ll be worn, and cherished, again.



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