Canon Announces the new 5D Mark III, New Lightroom Released

New Gear! Secretly, even the most artistic photographers also love a new camera. (Or, sometimes a new ‘old’ camera in the case of flea purchase scores of Canon Ae-1’s.)

Just this last few weeks have been with the release of of Lightroom 4, and the announcement of the Canon 5d Mark3 camera. I’m excited about both these offerings and I only hope my pre-order went in early enough to get a hold of one of the Mark III’s when they ship! Every time the doorbell rings I secretly hope it’s a delivery person bringing a big box from B and H Photo. My logical brain knows it’s way too early for that to be the case, but illogically, it feels a little bit like expecting Santa to show up.

Some links of inspiration/information you might find useful –

5d Mark III stats and sample photos and gorgeous video. They’ve integrated some of the more useful video settings from the Canon EOS 7D SLR Digital Camera (Body Only) (also a great camera), added a headphone jack, dual card slots, and expanded the auto focus settings. I personally mostly use center spot focusing for weddings, it’s just easier to move the camera after grabbing focus than to change the focus point, but I can see it being useful for food and product photography.

Canon’s also announced a new flash, the 600EX. This is a purchase I might hold off on for a while, as I’m pretty happy with my Canon Speedlite 580EX II, but it’s worth knowing about.

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