Wendi Maxwell and the Tres Hot Jazz Band

Just a couple of snaps of a terrific live band we caught while I was out visiting my folks over Father’s Day weekend. I spent the time filming my grandfather telling his stories of Omaha Beach and his time in the Navy, figured out how to use the old Super 8 mm film projector to screen some very old family movies (soon be transferred to digital media for preservation), and enjoying the warmer weather of the central valley. I’m continuing a love affair with this lens, the Canon EF 85mm 1.8.

One thought on “Wendi Maxwell and the Tres Hot Jazz Band”

  1. hmmm.. I love these black and white photos. Yes, canon 85mm is great but taking it out to the street will intimidate others. So I plan to buy olympus e-p3 to take black and white photos. Nice photos you have there!

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