Engagement Session – Cari and Stephane


I’ve known Cari for a while now, and was absolutely honored that she and Stephane chose me to photograph their wedding.  I like to schedule an engagement session beforehand so that we can get some time before the wedding to work together. We shot this quickly –  just a week before the wedding, at the Berkeley botanical gardens.




More below the cut…


I love shooting black and white film, both medium and 35mm formats. My background is in Darkroom photography, and this year I’m hoping to put together a home darkroom for custom client prints. For the time being, I use photoworks as my go-to lab for processing film and prints, as they do a terrific job.

These shots are digital black and white, not film.. I’m going to get a bunch of my film work scanned to share here in the future!



Look for their wedding post very soon!

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