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Avren and Digby at The Chapel, San Francisco

Avren and Digby's query email described a 'masquerade theme wedding' at one of my favorite musical venues in San Francisco, The Chapel, and I knew I wanted to work with them! From our first sit down at a coffee shop in Oakland, I really connected with this dapper couple, and shooting their wedding was a ton of fun. We all started together in the teensy tiny green room above the stage where Avren had their unique and striking makeup done by the very talented Oui Three Queens. I documented the make up process as well as the set up of the room downstairs. Avren had created all of the decorations, and centerpieces, with the Chapel's exceptional lighting design setting the mood throughout the rest of the night. After a quick rock and roll style portrait session, they were married on stage in front of an audience of guests who had fully embraced the theme of the evening and showed up in style.

Cocktail hour was held in the bar above the stage, a photobooth and Jenga tables were both super popular and gave me the chance to move through the crowd to get some terrific candids as well as posed shots of guests. Toasts, with a custom made cocktail were next, and everyone laughed and only slightly roasted the happy couple. The staff at the Chapel did an exceptional job changing the main floor over for a sit down dinner, and later in the evening, dancing to a custom mix by the grooms. This one of the most creative and fun weddings I've worked, and was also a great example of how the perfect venue can cut down on your costs by bringing it's own priceless ambiance.

Queer Wedding At The Chapel, San Francisco