I met Cathy and Melia last year as I was working in San Francisco, and am very excited to photograph their own wedding this weekend. We spent a few hours wandering the California native plants garden in Tilden for their engagement session in the early spring sunshine.

EastBayCoupleSession_Tristancrane_0069 EastBayCoupleSession_Tristancrane_0070  EastBayCoupleSession_Tristancrane_0081



More below!

 EastBayCoupleSession_Tristancrane_0077 EastBayCoupleSession_Tristancrane_0076 EastBayCoupleSession_Tristancrane_0075 EastBayCoupleSession_Tristancrane_0074 EastBayCoupleSession_Tristancrane_0073 EastBayCoupleSession_Tristancrane_0072

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